Excellent guidance about cultivating your backlog! Viewing the backlog as funnel where some items drop and well-developed items go into product work is helpful.

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This is a very good guide!

The items with the highest risk should be tackled first. "Risk" can be seen as the common four/five types of risks: Value, Viability, Usability, Feasibility, (Ethics).

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I liked how clear and step-by-step you pointed and corrected the common misunderstanding of this.

I usually promote and host refinements with the product team, and it's a lot of pre-work to me because it's never about group brainstorming but to build intentional mechanisms and activities to make people realize missing details, interconnections, dependencies and risks we should address as company way before a "sprint planning" to drag stories into our jira buckets. I'm crazy waiting to the part two.

🙌 Super useful post, thanks!!

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Antonio, I'm so glad you found it useful! 👏

Now that you mention it, I've seen agile coaches thinking that everything will be covered in a brainstorming session. When workshopping should be done much earlier in this process, when you are actually identifying how to solve a real problem.

Thanks for your input!

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